Illawarra Amateur Photographers Exhibition

Exposure Arts & Media presents a photographic exhibition by members belonging to the Illawarra Amateur Photographers group (I.A.P). The exhibition will celebrate IAP’s 1st birthday and will proudly exhibit its members own works at the Studio19 Gallery in Wollongong.

Featured photographers: Mick Clarke | Shane Urban | Saraid Dammerel | Justin Beverstock | Nerida Brain | Bernadette Wilson | Steve Hewitt | Tamara Ottessen | Robert Knowles | Julie Steele | Jan Vokaty | Fiona McLauchlan | Noel Knox | Paul Cudina

IAP was established in September 2012 by local amateur Paul Cudina and it has grown rapidly to achieve more than 500 subscribers in its first year. IAP provides local amateur photographers of all skill levels the opportunity to share their images and participate in weekly Photo Awards, Meet & Mingle events and knowledge sharing. IAP also runs its own website which features it’s award winners, blog & VIP area.

Show runs from 4th – 14th September


Opening night is Friday 6th September from 6.30pm


Studio 19/157 Crown ST, WOLLONGONG
(Central Chambers – upstairs above the Hideaway Cafe)

Studio 19 Opening Hours:

Tues, Wed, Fri 10am – 4pm
Thursday 12 – 6pm
Sat 11am – 3pm

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Soulful Windows Exhibition by Wendy Smith

Soulful Windows

A photographic exhibition by



“Eyes are the window to the soul”.

It is through my “soulful window” that I hope you are drawn to approach, explore, and discover the diversity and beauty of Paris that has etched my soul.


On show at Studio 19 Art Gallery: 6-17 August



Opening night: Friday 9 August, 6.30pm



Gallery hours
tues, wed, fri: 10-4pm
thurs: 12-6pm
sat: 11-3pm


Studio 19/157 Crown St Mall, Wollongong
(in Central Chambers upstairs above the Hideaway Cafe)

Maps for the Empath by Mirko Sossai and Damien Martin

By Mirko Sossai and by Damien Martin.

Recent drawings and paintings by Mirko Sossai and by Damien Martin. will be exhibited, of parallel themes, and a compatible artistic voice. The artists studied together at West Wollongong TAFE, and through chance encounters over the last 15 years have engaged in a music project, this art exhibition and a friendship of respect.

Mirko Sossai’s artworks express subconscious issues as they arise, are reflective and energetic, and the language of expression is transmitted in text and colour. Layers are continually added.

Damien Martin’s artworks are representative of mental and emotional states and their significance in terms of an aesthetic approach to experience. As much as a visual experience is hoped for realisation, resonances of other kinds are also hoped for.

Music is central for both artists in the creative process.

Opening night: Friday, 26 July from 6.30pm

Exhibition showing: 24 July – 3 August, 2013

Gallery opening hours:
Tues, Wed, Fri: 10am-4pm, Thurs: 12pm-7pm, Sat: 11am-3pm

Ink, Paper Press Printmaking Exhibition

A printmaking exhibition at Studio 19.

Artists include:

Judy Bourke, Kathryn Orton, Phillip Constantine, Sam Waldon, Pauline Denney, Caroline Oakley, Garry Jones and Alannah Dreise.

Curated by Alannah Dreise.

Opening night with artists: Friday, 19th April, 6.30-8.30pm

Exhibition on show: 16-27th April, 2013

Gallery opening hours:
Tues, Wed, Fri: 10am-4pm, Thurs: 12pm-7pm, Sat: 11am-3pm

Find Studio 19 at:

19/157 Crown St Mall, Wollongong (inside Central Chambers upstairs above the Hideaway Cafe)

Ink, Paper, Press Printmaking Exhibition poster designed by Carolyn Nowaczyk from Exposure Arts and Media.

Bodies of Water Exhibition

Bodies of Water is a group exhibition by three emerging artists, Sarah Clark, Jacqueline McLeish and Amandine Faggotter.

As a group exhibition Bodies of Water explores the spread, flow and connection of water which as a concept is derived from the process and practice of using watercolour as our main medium. The works will not strictly adhere to a set theme but instead be a response to concepts deriving from Bodies of Water. It is a loose exploration of the fluid movement of water.

on show from 19 February – 2 March, 2013

Opening night with the artists: Friday, 22 February, 2013  |   6.30-8.30pm

Gallery opening hours:
Tues, Wed, Fri: 10am-4pm, Thurs: 12pm-7pm, Sat: 11am-3pm

Studio 19 – Bodies of Water exhibition flyer

Tuesday Night Drawing Session Anniversary Exhibition

On show from Thursday 24th January – 2rd February 2013.

With artists:

Alannah Dreise, Julie Prsa-Fowler, Sheree Troy, Louise Brand, Heidi Hillier, Donna Townend, Zayden Spinelli, Enya Gannon, Lana Patrin, Evan Newby, Daniella Alfonso, Sue White, Caitie White, Sandra Rosiak, Carolyn Nowaczyk and Nina Kourea.

We can’t believe it’s been almost a year since we started our Tuesday Night Drawing Sessions. We have had such an amazing line up of artists, musicians and circus performers share their talents with us at Studio 19.

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of the Studio 19 – Exposure Arts and Media, Tuesday night drawing sessions, we are celebrating with an exhibition that showcases the talents of both the local performers who have modelled and performed for us, and the artists who have drawn them.
At the Tuesday night drawing sessions we hire models who are performers with backgrounds in either music, dance, theatre, circus or performance art. The models perform for us while we draw them. It is an intimate performace and a great way to develop life drawing skills in a relaxed loungeroom environment.
Here at Studio 19 we feel so lucky to have shared so many great experiences in the past year while helping to support our vibrant creative industry here in Wollongong. To celebrate the anniversary, we are holding an exhibition displaying some of the drawings and photos taken at these sessions. We would like to share what we do at Studio 19 and encourage people to come to the sessions and to have a go at drawing in a supportive, fun environment.

Come and join in on a ‘live’ drawing session with performers/modles such as Heidi Hillier, Tamara Elkins, Kristina Dzelmanis and Shane Moon. Come along and be inspired!

Gallery opening hours:
Tues, Wed, Fri 10am – 4pm
Thurs 12 – 7pm
Sat 11am – 3pm

Studio 19 Tuesday Night Drawing Session Anniversary Exhibition Poster by Carolyn Nowaczyk of Exposure Arts and Media.


Question Make Connect – Exhibition

Showing Wednesday 9th January till Saturday 19th January.
Opening night is this Friday 11th January from 6.30pm – 9.30pm
An exhibition showcasing the art of seven recently graduated visual artists from the University of Wollongong:
Megan Baker, Kaitlin Bakalar, Laura Bergmann, Amandine Faggotter, Jacqueline Mcleish, Ellé Misios, and Nik Uzunovski.This show has been curated by Laura Bergmann and Nik Uzunovski.
The theme “question-make-connect” draws on the process of making art and creating an exhibition. Each artist is focusing on a particular question or issue, responding to that question through making and then asking the audience to create connections between individual works and their own understanding of the world and between the works in the exhibition themselves.

It’s All About the Drawing….Exhibition

‘it’s all about the drawing….’

You are invited to an exhibition of drawings by

Lorraine Smart
Jill Fitzgerald
Ruth Ellem
Martina Goldie
Rika Wedlock
Hal Pratt
Susan Westwood
Trish Shirvington
Paulineke Polkamp
Harry Gale
Lesley Goldacre
Harry Needham
Nick Santoro
Skye Marin
Cynthia D’Amico
Bev Roberts
Lauren Ivery

5th – 15th December 2012

Join the artists for Opening Night Friday 7th December, 2012

At Studio 19 Gallery and Creative Loungeroom
Studio 19/157 Crown St Mall, Wollongong (inside Central Chambers, upstairs above the Hideaway Cafe)

Gallery opening hours:
Tues, Wed, Fri 10-4pm
Thurs 12-7pm
Sat 11-3pm

Ph: (0439)434023

The Misfit Life of Shopping Trolleys – Debby Downes Exhibition

A photographic exhibition by Debby Downes in the Hallway Gallery
Opening Friday 23rd November 7pm -9pm

Show runs from the 21st November – 1st December2012
The Life Of Misfit Shopping Trolleys.

Have you ever seen a stray shopping trolley stranded beyond the boundaries of the local supermarket?
To the average person stray trolleys go unnoticed, semi-molded into the everyday suburban landscape of our consumer society.

Shopping trolleys are an integral part of Australia ’s economy.
It is estimated there are over 2 million trolleys across the country, one for every 11 Australians, with each one costing upwards of $100.
As well as being a significant financial cost, stray trolleys are an environmental hazard to creeks, bush land and waterways.
This first became apparent two years ago when I started photographing stray trolleys in a lighthearted attempt at humor; initially I would challenge myself to seek out obscure locations and the strangest scenarios I could find, uploading them weekly to an online album for my friends to enjoy.
Within months I had captured hundreds of images with minimal effort, revealing a disturbing truth,,,, shopping trolleys are taking over our streets, bus stops, river systems and lane-ways every single day.

None of the photos in this exhibition were staged. All shopping trolleys were photographed in situ… clearly for many their shopping days are over.
Sadly in the past two years the retail industry has spent more than $4oo Million collecting, repairing, maintaining, and replacing these trolleys.


Efflorescence exhibition

A great new youth show at Studio 19 Gallery and Creative Loungeroom – “Efflorescence” curated by Amy English.

On show for only one week from 6- 11th November 2012.

Opening night: Thursday 8th November at 6.30pm.

Artists include: Ryan Basa, Mitchell BEll, Murphy Bouma, Alison Brown, Amy English, Ania Gareeva, Justine Holt, Jacinda McCurry, Elle McNeil, Aidan Morris, Dioni Pinilla, Tegan Russell, Desiree Tahiri, Soraya Welin and Zoe Welton.