A new direction for Studio 19 Wollongong

As many of you may have already noticed – we have closed the gallery arm of Studio 19 Wollongong. We felt we had achieved all that we set out to achieve with the gallery and it is now time for the business to change with our creative needs.

We are now focussing on our other services too: graphic design, web design, videography, editing and photography. See Exposure Arts and Media for a full portfolio.

But have no fear! We still have our wonderful Creative Loungeroom and are still planning some lovely events and workshops – such as the awesome Enough Said Poetry Slams on the last Thursday night of each month.

We are also still hiring out the creative lounge room for workshops, photoshoots, hens night/private party drawing sessions and more.

See our studio hire page for prices here.

Get in touch through our contact form to enquire about the creative lounge room.


Cheers, Caz and Nina.

“24″ Film Photography Exhibition

“24″ Group Photography Exhibition at Studio 19 Wollongong

Exhibition dates 19th March – 5th April

Opening night will be Friday 21st March 6.30pm – 8.30pm

ABOUT “24″
The object of this exhibition is to present 24 photographic shots in one day of an artist’s life. Exactly one 24-exposure roll of film is shot in a 24-hour period with the entire roll of film being exhibited. So many photographs are edited and perfected within the digital era that we wanted to show that using film is about a process, experimentation and not knowing what you will get until it is processed.




Call out for film photographers or lovers of film for upcoming exhibition at Studio 19

24 – 1 roll – 24hrs

Photography Exhibition at Studio 19 Wollongong

Exhibition dates 19th March – 12th April

Opening night will be Friday 21st March



The object of this exhibition is to present 24 shots of one day in your life. You must exhibit exactly one roll, even if the shot didn’t work out. It’s all about a process and experimentation. We are not striving for perfection here.

Please use 35mm film only. It can be B&W, Colour, old film, whatever as long as it’s 35mm. I would also like to see the negatives for proof that it has come from one roll.


Once you have taken your photos please print them out at 6 x4 with white borders on them. This is very important as we have planned a certain way of exhibiting them.

For processing film we use Photoriesel in Sydney, there is also Blanco Negro. But use the power of google to sort it out. If anyone has any suggestions let us know and we will share it.

How much will this cost?

To exhibit in this show it will be $50 for each entry plus 20% commission on sales. What does this cover you ask? It covers the exhibition fee for one month, e –invite design, opening night expenses, promotion through social media and our mailing list. I will send out e-invites for you to distribute to your contacts.

To confirm your spot please $50 deposit is required. Get in touch for options.

One last thing, we are having a makeover at the gallery so we will be holding exhibitions in the hallway and creative loungeroom from now on.

If you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to ask. Please share this with other photographers that may be interested.

If you would like to take part in this exhibition that will be held at Studio 19 art gallery Wollongong please contact nina@exposurearts.com.au



an exhibition of photography by DONNA BREMER.

This exhibition showcases the beauty of the landscapes that The Illawarra and it’s surrounding areas have to offer

Beautiful beaches, waterfalls and waterways all within an easy drive from the Illawarra

The landscapes will make you want to find that special place that has been caught in all its beauty.


On show from 11 – 21 December 2013.


Opening night with the artist: Friday, 13 December 2013, 6pm-8pm.


Studio 19/157 Crown St Mall, WOLLONGONG
(Central Chambers – upstairs above the Hideaway Cafe)

Studio 19 Opening Hours:

Tues, Wed, Fri 10am – 4pm
Thursday 12 – 6pm
Sat 11am – 3pm

Photograph by Donna Bremer that is being exhibited as part of her ‘Illawarra and Beyond’ photographic exhibition at Studio 19 Gallery in Wollongong in December 2013.


Jesse Wakenshaw exhibition

In the Hallway gallery at the Studio 19 Art Gallery in Exposure Arts and Media we have the wonderful Jesse Wakenshaw exhibiting a series of photos and some video.

About Jesse Wakenshaw:

Jesse Wakenshaw, mixed media visual artist from Sydney, Australia. Jesse creates unique artworks using mediums such as makeup artistry, fashion styling and photography. His original visions can be peceived as bizarre, morbid, and unconventional but they are captivatingly beautiful at the same time. Jesse’s work mimics fantasy, using strong vivid colour, referencing sexuality, embracing distorted religion and captuvating spirituality.

“I am creating a world of fantasy to escape mundane life. I want the viewer to feel and see what beauty is through my eyes which ultimately stems from my twisted mind. Each of my projects consists of references and themes from iconic, religious, political and cultural figures. I am influenced by pop culture, music and avant garde beauty, and those dreams and nightmares we all experience each and everyday. As an artist, I am free with no boundaries. I explore, I experiment and I develop… I make and break all of my own rules!” -Jesse Wakenshaw


See his website for more details.


Show runs from 21st – 31st August


Opening night is Thursday 22nd August from 6.30pm


Studio 19/157 Crown ST, WOLLONGONG
(Central Chambers – upstairs above the Hideaway Cafe)

Studio 19 Opening Hours:

Tues, Wed, Fri 10am – 4pm
Thursday 12 – 6pm
Sat 11am – 3pm

No Drama, just Panorama exhibition by Deborah Moore

No drama, just panorama by Deborah Moore.

In the Shopfront Gallery

With Panorama’s taken from far and wide – from Beechworth Lunatic Asylum to the Port Kembla Stack – this is a great panorama photographic exhibition not to be missed!

“I like panorama photos because they make us all take a broader view of life and the images that are directly in front of us. The camera (Sony digital Cyber-shot, panorama sweep 14.1 megapixel) tags along with me to most destinations. This particular collection was taken in Beechworth, VIC (heavily featuring the Lunatic Asylum), Coolum QLD and local shots of Port Kembla, friends’ backyards and the Buddhist temple. When we stand in places such as the beach, we tend to scan the horizon and take a panoramic view across the landscape without a camera. Taking a photo of this is my way of allow the camera to formalise the experience.” – Deborah Moore.

Show runs from 21st – 31st August


Opening night is Thursday 22nd August from 6.30pm



Studio 19/157 Crown ST, WOLLONGONG
(Central Chambers – upstairs above the Hideaway Cafe)

Studio 19 Opening Hours:

Tues, Wed, Fri 10am – 4pm
Thursday 12 – 7pm
Sat 11am – 3pm

“Telegraph Office” and  “Base of the Port Kembla Stack” Panorama photographs by Deborah Moore will be exhibiting at the Exposure Arts and Media’s Studio 19 Art Gallery and Creative Loungeroom.

Daniel May and Jake Holman exhibition

In the main space at Studio 19 art gallery and creative loungeroom we have Daniel May & Jake Holman exhibiting some paintings, drawings and sculptural work.

Jake Holman aka RINTOL will be launching his latest album ‘The Year of the ChairLyfe’ on the opening night.


Show runs from 21st – 31st August


Opening night is Thursday 22nd August from 6.30pm



Studio 19/157 Crown ST, WOLLONGONG
(Central Chambers – upstairs above the Hideaway Cafe)

Studio 19 Opening Hours:

Tues, Wed, Fri 10am – 4pm
Thursday 12 – 7pm
Sat 11am – 3pm

Soulful Windows Exhibition by Wendy Smith

Soulful Windows

A photographic exhibition by



“Eyes are the window to the soul”.

It is through my “soulful window” that I hope you are drawn to approach, explore, and discover the diversity and beauty of Paris that has etched my soul.


On show at Studio 19 Art Gallery: 6-17 August



Opening night: Friday 9 August, 6.30pm



Gallery hours
tues, wed, fri: 10-4pm
thurs: 12-6pm
sat: 11-3pm


Studio 19/157 Crown St Mall, Wollongong
(in Central Chambers upstairs above the Hideaway Cafe)


‘it’s hip to be square’ Photography Exhibition

“it’s hip to be square”  Photography Exhibition

@ Studio 19 / Exposure Arts and Media

artists include: John Corker, David Gale, Morgan Lewis and Nina Kourea

On show 15th May – 25th May, 2013

Opening Night on Friday 17th May from 6.30pm – 9.30pm

In conjunction with the Head On Photo Festival, Studio 19 is excited to present “it’s hip to be square”.  This show is a celebration of the square format, be it Instagram, Hipstamatic or even old school medium format film. Come along and see how new technology has changed the face of photography and how it stands up to film.


The Exhibition – Photographs by Brad Chilby

We have turned our little pop up shop into a gallery for the next few months. We will be highlighting local photographers and artists.

Brad Chilby is a professional landscape and wilderness photographer from Wollongong on the South Coast of New South Wales. Brad has always had a taste for adventure and exploring vast wildernesses and from this grew a true passion for photography. He set out to capture the amazing scenery of mother nature as witnessed on his travels and show others  its unsurpassed beauty. Some of the places he has visited only few people have been before and these are the photos he loves taking the most.

For more info go to http://www.chilbyphotography.com.au

Exhibition is on till the end of May